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Who We Are
Growth By Design Pty Ltd (ABN 37 118 112 495) is an Australian company, with over 100 years of combined business experience, formed to help develop powerful business in Australia.

What is Growth?
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The Growth By Design philosophy recognises that too many businesses end up in places they do not want to be as a result of being reactive (or inactive) about growth. Every well run business will naturally tend to grow, driven by satisfied clients/customers, increasing market recognition, combined with hard-earned reputation and credibility. The growth gathers momentum over time, creating a snowball effect that, all too often, results in businesses experiencing rapid growth that they are not properly prepared to deal with. If this process is allowed to proceed without direction, it is entirely possible to grow the wrong business.

As the business grows, it inevitably starts to bump into a series of ?growth constraints?that will make the process of growth more difficult and sometimes even painful. There are many growth constraints and every business faces them at different stages of their development. The constraints include things like money, time, production capacity, customer saturation, management expertise, staff morale, delivery capabilities, geographic reach and many more. It is important for businesses to recognize in advance when they are approaching a growth constraint and then to take positive action to address the constraint before it becomes an issue.

Another point noting about growth is that being a ?growth business?does not necessarily mean getting bigger. One client has reduced annual sales revenue from $12m to $10.5m over 3 years. Over the same time, profits have grown from $400,000 to $1 million, the result of focusing on dealing with the right customers and generating more profitable business through product innovation.

What is Growth by Design?
Growth By Design is a brand, a philosophy for managing growth and improving business performance and a range of consulting, coaching, training and mentoring services all rolled into one.

The Growth By Design range of services is designed to guide businesses along a path to:
  • Being clear on what the ?right?business is
  • Becoming deliberate about where, when, why, how and how much to grow
  • Understanding and forecasting the impacts of growth
  • Identifying and anticipating growth constraints before they take hold
  • Acting early to remove or minimize the impact of the constraints
We do this through a combination of consulting, coaching, mentoring, tools and training that is tailored to the specific needs, skill levels and experience of the client.

Who is Growth by Design for?
Growth by Design is for any business that wants to look seriously at designing a clear and coherent growth path that delivers on the owner?s definition of ?business success? Some clients come looking for general assistance in improving business performance. Others already have a clear direction in mind and are seeking an outside opinion and guidance on turning the goals into reality. Still others have a specific problem in mind (often the result of reaching a ?growth constraint? that they want to solve.