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Buddies is a Growth by Design Portfolio encompassing the following Programs:
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program
  • Business Awards Support Program
  • Young Entrepreneur Program and
  • Philanthropy Program

Corporate Social Responsibility Program
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) starts with the company's vision, ethics and values, and extends to the way products are manufactured, marketed, priced and distributed. Growth by Design considers CSR is the foundation of everything we do and everything we produce.

CSR encompasses every facet of the business process and value chain including:
  • employment policies and practices;
  • supply chain management;
  • health, safety and environmental practices;
  • commitment to and practices relating to human rights and diversity;
  • transparency and corporate governance; and
  • reporting and accountability standards, especially a commitment to triple bottom line reporting (Source:

Business Awards Support Program
Growth by Design staff are committed to the integrity and expansion of Small and Medium Business Awards. Some of our staff have been honoured to have been invited as judges for several of these important awards including Champion of Champions, Western Sydney Industry Awards and SMART (Logistics and Supply Chain) Awards. We are constantly inspired by the quality of submissions and we take our judging responsibility very seriously.

Links to the above-mentioned Awards sites are as follows:
Young Entrepreneur Program
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There are plenty of support programs and advice for ?The Entrepreneur?who is in the community in all shapes and sizes, but typically looks like an in-control adult. One who knows where to find support or who can easily obtain advice as to where to obtain support.

Often, a young entrepreneur is not recognised because it is difficult for people to believe that ideas and concepts can come from the young. It is more natural for us to believe in older and wiser people and those with more experience.

Growth By Design recognise that there could be an untapped Australian resource, that of the young entrepreneur. We are developing programs to bring young ideas together with corporate resources. Our programs provide linkages, communication channels, project guidance and coaching support to all parties.

It is possible for young people to fly. We need to hear them first.

Philanthropy Program
Growth By Design operates in all sectors, including not-for-profit. Our programs must remain sustainable, so we balance what we can provide pro bono against that for which we must charge a fee. A perfect situation is where we can broker a leverage between the traditional skills of professionals to provide services to those who cannot afford them.

Should you be interested in discussing any of the Buddies Programs, you can contact Growth By Design by calling 02 9569 7133, by faxing 02 9569 7033 or by e-mailing:
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