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Growth by Design is the official NSW and ACT training and sales contact for WinForecast. We provide tailored in-house training and deliver regular public training courses for the following WinForecast levels:
  • WinForecast Fundamentals
  • Working With WinForecast
  • WinForecast Advanced
  • WinForecast for Public Practice

About Your Presenter
Michael Ford is a consultant, business advisor and financial mentor who works extensively with growing businesses. He has used WinForecast?as a key component of his consulting and advisory work for the last 8 years. Michael has implemented WinForecast?systems with a diverse client base including manufacturers, retailers, wineries, oil refineries, Government departments, professional services firms and many more.

?WinForecast has helped transform many of my clients from being historically-focused and reactive into forward-thinking, strategy-driven and proactive. The power of WinForecast lies in the ability to translate strategy into numbers, creating dynamic rolling forecasts that focus attention on the business drivers that really matter?/b>

Please contact us on to help ascertain your training requirements.

Accurate forecasting is the key to business growth and success. It not only helps you plan for the future, but it gives you a powerful tool for managing the present.

As your business grows, forecasting can become increasingly complex. Have you expanded your offices or staffing? Have you developed new products or services, or changed your pricing? Have you started trading in new countries? If your forecasting system is not sufficiently flexible and powerful, you will find that change in you business can make forecasting complicated and unreliable.

Sage WinForecast Professional is a flexible forecasting solution for all businesses. It can be adapted to your specific needs, and give you the accurate, up-to-the-minute financial information you need to make the right decisions for your future. It is an essential management tool that plays a vital part in planning and managing the successful growth of your business. Growth By Design can assist you with obtaining WinForecast, implementing the application as well as tailored, focused training for your company.

Use your time more productively
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Producing Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet forecasts is an essential discipline practised by successful businesses the world-over. But it's a time consuming process and we recognise that your time is valuable. That's why we have introduced WinForecast to make forecasting easy.

Would you normally use a spreadsheet to produce budgets for a business plan and cash flow forecast? WinForecast produces an integrated report set of Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet up to 10 times faster than using a spreadsheet, without encountering the errors that always seem to creep into spreadsheets.

Financial decision-making with confidence
WinForecast assists you to be more effective by spending far more time using you financial analytical skills for the benefit of the business and far less time concerned with the mechanics of producing forecasts.

Because WinForecast uses double-entry rigour to eliminate the risk of undetected spreadsheet errors, you can be confident about data integrity when presenting professional quality models to a bank, board of directors of client.

Financial planning as an essential management tool
Re-forecasting based on actual results is so quick you will find that budgeting and financial planning is no longer a once-a-year exercise, but a discipline you exert on the business all year round.

By improving the flow of high-quality information, WinForecast opens up new possibilities for financial specialists to advise top management and influence business decisions.

The Importance of Financial Performance Analysis
Profit is only one aspect of performance! Traditional accounting measures such as sales, gross profit and EBIT/PBIT are incomplete, in as much as they focus on only one aspect of performance, i.e. trading profitability.

Are your assets being efficiently used? Only by incorporating the Balance Sheet Asset Turnover ratio, is it possible to determine the overall performance of an entity. Based on the Du Pont model, Forecast Analyser provides a simple and easy to understand performance overview.

Cash is King!
Forecast Analyser highlights key cash flow issues and assists management in identifying areas in the business that can be improved, thereby improving cash flow.
Forecasting with
Forecasting with
WinForecast Professional

Figures easily entered in wrong columns or as text

Rigorous data entry system to identify and eliminate errors

User creates formulae: errors often remain undetected

Formulae are incorporated in the program guaranteeing accuracy, you can also create your own formulae if you wish

New information has to be entered manually to the various reports

One-stop data entry means all reports are automatically updated with the latest information

Each heading requires a separate column and new formulae

Automatic calculation of GST, Company Tax, Bank interest, Bad Debt provision, Factoring

Data usually has to be entered manually, and new information requires reformatting columns

Hotlinks to existing spreadsheets provide constant updates with live information

Data still has to be copied and edited into professionally presented reports

Automatically produces Report Set ready for presentation

Makes forecasting a major and occasional task

Allows forecasting to become a regular management tool

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